Jonathan Leake


Email: jonathan at jleake dot com
Location: Technische Universität Berlin, Germany
Physical location (COVID): Leake Family Residence, Mathematics Division, Granbury, TX



My research interests lie mainly in polynomials and combinatorics; especially analytic questions concerning linear operators and zeros of polynomials, discrete approximation, and applications to computer science.



  1. On the Computability of Continuous Maximum Entropy Distributions: Adjoint Orbits of Lie Groups (with N. Vishnoi), 2020. [arXiv]
  2. Lower Bounds for Contingency Tables via Lorentzian Polynomials (with P. Brändén and I. Pak), 2020. [arXiv]
  3. On the Further Structure of the Finite Free Convolutions (with N. Ryder), 2018. [arXiv]
  4. A Representation Theoretic Interpretation of the Borcea-Brändén Characterization, 2017. [arXiv]


  1. Capacity Lower Bounds via Productization (with L. Gurvits), STOC (2021). [arXiv]
  2. Sampling Matrices from Harish-Chandra--Itzykson--Zuber Densities with Applications to Quantum Inference and Differential Privacy (with C. McSwiggen and N. Vishnoi), STOC (2021). [arXiv]
  3. Counting Matchings via Capacity Preserving Operators (with L. Gurvits), Combinatorics, Probability, and Computing (2021). [journal, arXiv]
  4. Connecting the q-Multiplicative Convolution and the Finite Difference Convolution (with N. Ryder), Advances in Mathematics (2020). [journal, arXiv]
  5. On the Computability of Continuous Maximum Entropy Distributions with Applications (with N. Vishnoi), STOC (2020). [conference, arXiv]
  6. Mixed Determinants and the Kadison-Singer Problem (with M. Ravichandran), Mathematische Annalen (2020). [journal, arXiv]
  7. Generalizations of the Matching Polynomial to the Multivariate Independence Polynomial (with N. Ryder), Algebraic Combinatorics (2019). [journal, arXiv]

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